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my word of the year and the season of fire

I heard once, that the closer you are to your truest self the closer you become to the people whom you most admire.  This measure of truth seems right-on as over the last twelve months I had many close encounters with those whom I adore.  The story of my year was all about daring to stand in my own light to earnestly dig through one wide, messy and wild heart - my own - dusting off and examining the pieces in a bare pool of light, and sharing all that I found.

In 2013, I came face to face with the Artist who was buried beneath years of words, the Space Holder who was at first uncertain and shy, and the divine Feminist, the phoenix rising, who's unapologetic, wise, and full of sass.  There were strong themes of home, and connection, and vulnerability, and authentic passion, as well as a new path of motherhood as I surprisingly seemed to have emerged a survivor of toddlerhood and a decade of being a stay at home mom.

Ultimately, I learned to make peace with fear.

My word of the year, shed, was deeply at work and in a lot of ways I had to begin anew, creating new practices and building new containers and bridges free of bulky and protective walls.  In a lot of ways, it felt like finally letting the world see Me, and the payoff for that honesty was pure love and light.

Looking ahead to this next year, there is a deep sense of clarity, and with that also comes new questions I can already see forming on the horizon, all part of the virtuous and unending circle of being and doing.  My word for 2014 is sanctuary, focusing on the safe and sacred spaces of authentic mind, body and spirit.  It's time to fortify all that I have discovered, to nourish and create more space for who I am and what I have to offer. It's no coincidence that I reside on an actual sanctuary, coming to this place and seeking refuge after losing our home back in 2007.  It's just taken me 6 years of living here to come to the full understanding of this meaning. It's taught me about the earth, and water in my own constitution.   This new year, is unmistakably the season of fire.

My life is a map, a compass, always directing me to what is true.  In that truth, I now understand, is security, faith, happiness, connection, love, inspiration...everything.

And in that truth is who I am, my sanctuary, my light, and what I want to share with all of you in 2014 and beyond.

I can already feel it burning hot and bright.