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covens circling and witches rising

Themes of The Witch are flying around my world, sans broomstick that is, and have me stewing on badass girl-power, covens and community, alchemy - the transformation of something ordinary into something extraordinary, and this... "The young witch is first and foremost a sensual, sexual creature, her power centered directly in her femininity. She is... self-assured, powerful... A siren, her feminine allure is more powerful than the strongest man’s fist." (Susana Ellis)

I feel this divine feminine energy gathering and rising throughout our own coven.

It's so fascinating how the collective (un)conscious is in such synchronicity all the time, like how it is tuned to a specific frequency and all the energy pours forth into similar thoughts, desires, and manifestations in all of us.

There is something about being on this crazy journey together, we girls ripening into our middle years, where the ether has helped to conjure a connection we have never been able to tap into before. I know it is somehow helping to fuel this fire.  

Whether we call it witchcraft, creativity, feminism, shakti or magic, it is all part of the same divine pool of energy.  

I wonder if getting a cat has helped me tune more clearly into my own witchy vibration or of it's all the American Horror Story I have been watching, but damn, there is some powerful juju out there!  Here are a few more fun things I've recently come across:  Kiki's Delivery Service (a great family movie about what real magic is - the belief in yourself!), Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (an award winning video game and fantastical world, also by beloved Miyazaki), and How Stuff Works: Modern Witchcraft (a simple guide from a podcast my kids love).

And I'm so grateful to be a part of this wide circle of magic-makers, moving and shaking and setting fire to wild hearts everywhere!  It is truly a wonder to behold.  Maybe I'm a pagan after all.

Blessed be.