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deep in the root chakra

Chinatown, NYC (channeling some red)

I'm in the afterglow of so much love.


The thought that runs through me and through me, over and over:  love makes us brave.

Yes.  YES!

I'm in the throws of recalibrating into this new year.  Already, I feel a little behind wrapping up projects from 2013, planning for what's to come, and grounding in what has turned out to be a bit if a mucky start, trying to begin anew with a clear head and the breath of new intentions.  It is happening, but the transition, unlike last year, has been messy.  I never really felt that fresh, clean slate feeling, and I think part of that is that I am walking into January with such raw awareness of the work that needs to be done this go around.  I'm embracing all the yuck that I know I have to move through, and I've been bumping into confirming signpost after signpost on the way down the rabbit hole.

Even though there is consciousness, there is still a lot of resistance.

This work is important.  It is necessary and long overdue, and I also know it is some of the hardest work I'll ever commit to.  A lot of it is facing things that I have long been avoiding.  It's shadow work, for sure.

I've landed deep in the root chakra.  Interesting how the symbol for this first chakra almost looks like a heart.

Where last year I was clearly immersed in sacral work of creativity and sexuality, this year is all about basic needs for survival and security and a grounded connection with earth elements and myself.  This energy is also the center for manifesting the physical wealth and wellness of my work.  It's time to bone up on fundamentals and let go of some serious spiritual (and hopefully physical) weight.  It's time to get real with my relationship with my own body and tend to what it's been trying to tell me, that I've been neglectful.

I may be a pink girl through and through, but my color this year, for sure, is red.

Bring on the rich, red LOVE!