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the stag has appeared

Last weekend I created my 2014 Moleskine cover, a new year tradition I truly relish, imbibing it with my word of the year ---> sanctuary <--- and it wasn't until I was finished that I realize the Stag appeared along with my familiar animal spirit guide, the Hawk, my gentle skyward reminder to keep my eye on the bigger picture.  I always let the messages and colors of this fortuitous collage reveal themselves and they always seem to fortell the year just as it's meant to be.  So when I did a little research into this mythical creature, I was delighted but not surprised to find these bits of wisdom:

"Deer's medicine includes gentleness in word, thought and touch. The ability to listen, grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance. Understanding of what's necessary for survival, power of gratitude and giving, ability to sacrifice for the higher good, connection to the woodland goddess, alternative paths to a goal.  

Maybe the most effective way to summarize the lessons of these beliefs, is to say that only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.

A Deer totem has entered your world to help you walk the path of love with full consciousness and awareness, to know that love sometimes requires caring and protection, not only in how we love others, but also in how we love ourselves.   A new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner and there will be an opportunity to express the gentle love that will open new doors for you. "

I read also about the male and female symbolism of antlers with relation to fertility, moon cycles and the hunt, and this animal's potent representation of harvest time and gathering.  These all seem perfectly aligned ideas as I head off into what feels like a pivotal part of my journey settling deeper into my own inner and outer world and tending to the sacred sanctuaries of spirit, body, as well as my earthbound spaces and responsibilities, by fortifying the foundations of both.

I can already feel there are strong themes of homemoneyintimacy and connection, and powerful feminine guidance in my work this year, and there is energy around learning and teaching, as well as harnessing and grounding into a more gritty vibe that seems to be where my frequency most optimally resonates.  There will be much cultivation my long-standing love affair with the city this year.

Exciting stuff!  Heading off on these adventurers, the stag is a welcome companion.