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aspiring to integration

In a nutshell, it looks like this:

Volunteering for my kid's Valentines Day party and for the local production of The Vagina Monologues.

Answering my son's questions about same-sex attraction and about school lunch nutrition (or lack there of) in the same conversation.

Reading my twitter feed that is becoming more and more equal parts artful inspiration and sex-positivity.

Getting emails about how I've inspired someone to live a more fulfilled and truthful life, creatively or sexually.

Wearing my core beliefs and heart on my sleeve.

Listening with amusement, sans jealousy or awkwardness, to my husband talk about his own desires and knowing we can totally find a way to go there.

Having an active profile on a babysitting website and a dating website (and if I had to choose one, I'd totally go for the babysitter extraordinaire!).

Openly sharing from all facets of my life and being met with unending gratitude, support and love.

Standing at the check-out counter at my local library and filling my bag with pictures books and one about open relationships, without blushing.

Being able to talk about passion on the entire spectrum, and finally feeling so much less compartmentalized.

Taking a deep breath before hitting "publish" on this (and so many others) post, but knowing this work is important to creating the kind of world I want my kids to grow up in.


  1. It is important :) it's so much fun to watch you blossom in your actions and words. You are such a beautiful and brave soul.

    1. love makes us brave... and i feel that from all of you who share your support and light ---> you are one of those people, corinne, and I am deeply and forever grateful!

  2. You are AMAZING! Utterly and totally amazing. You wearing your heart on your sleeve brings so much inspiration and strength into my own life and for that I am so grateful. You totally knock my socks off each and every day! Love you!!!

    1. i'm always so grateful for your open and receptive words... thank you so much dear friend. i adore you.


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