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because it bears repeating (again and again)

A closet is just a hard conversation.... (I heart you Ash Beckham)... and we all have them.

Every time I watch this video, I find so many gems I want to keep and hold tight to... especially the idea that hard is hard - and we all have hard.  Great wisdom and grand equalizer!

I wanted to share it with you here, today, because I'm sort of quietly celebrating a level of transparency around how I exist in the world after what has felt like a very long and slow evolution, one more with myself than with all of you.  As I thought about where I'm at while updating my About page today, I realized that I am comfortably sitting on the other side of fear.  That's not to say that I am completely fearless, but what I know now with a new certainty is that my fear is no longer in control.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened... it was a slow letting go rather than a wild leap of faith (thought there is always some of that, along the way), but I can sense how my life now feels different.  And the voice that had been searching for a way, now knows what she wants to say.

Hard conversations get easier the more and more you have them.  Love, in return, always helps.

So I'm sending out a huge infusion of love to every one of your hard conversations... and wishing you so much light as you break down the walls of all your closets.  I'm totally rooting for all of us!