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channeling magic and clarity

A beautiful weekend full of revelations, inspiration, laughter and so much love, as well as an abundance of reminders to stay open to it all because it is, indeed... all happening!  E is the wise and fierce mother of hearts and she makes a gorgeous cup of coffee.  I think because she lives in such a wide open channel, to be in her orbit you just simply get drenched in magic and light.  

I graciously received... clarity, nourishment, possibility...  and elevation.  Some people in this life just elevate you, call you forth into your own true and powerful self by simply being who they are.  Heading down to Provy I was in a bit of a fog.  Coming home, it was like I was immersed in crystal clear light.  In showing up, I was able to breathe... believe... and receive, baby!  With gentle being, ease, laughter, truth, and kindness I was able to better tune into my own channel.

And so I realized, once again, the critical importance of having mirrors in your life - people who see you clearly, whom you trust, so that you can in turn see yourself and how you truly show up in this world as our own views often get clouded and go askew.

And this is how she saw me:  (damn, that girl was spot on!)...

The Queen of Swords and the clarity of my path.  The High Priestess and how I am deep in it, and struggling to own her.  And the Eight of Wands, complete with wishes blowing into the wind (!) foretelling new beginnings to come once I've worked my way through.  Powerful.  And the exact trajectory that I felt too... but having it come through someone else's eyes is such an incredibly reassuring gift.

Blessed be for her witchy gifts and big beautiful heart!


  1. OMG--- am blushing something fierce and smiling SO big!!!!!! god. thank you. THANK you. I am so honored to my toes, baby!!

    1. this is all truth, and maybe a little gushing, but i adore you and beautiful person you are! xoxo


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