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on the rails

The melting has begun and all along the marsh and the river huge chunks of ice are floating along.  The boys (all three of them!) had a blast tossing in huge snowballs of their own and watching them drift away.

It was a glorious Saturday to be out in the warm sunshine (47 degrees!).  We took the scooters out to the rail trail and walked and wheeled around snow, puddles, sculptures, and tiny promises of spring.  The red hugs and kisses, a favorite of mine of course.

This sculpture is beautiful too... a large bird with two open palms for wings.  About thirty seconds before I hopped on and took this photo both my boys had been sitting on the hands, one on each wing, but they're never in one place for long so I missed the shot.  Such is life.

This part of the trail is dotted with colorful bird houses and in the summer will be completely filled in with greenery offering much needed shade.  There is even one at the beginning of the trail that is a birdhouse disguised as a geocache ;)  

"Clyde" is another one of my favorite pieces on the trail.  This photo doesn't do it justice as the contrasting materials, curves and angles are just so graceful.  He looks pretty happy in the snow. 

I'm looking forward to checking this Alchemical Garden out for the coming season.  The idea of participating in a community gardening project sounds like something this family would love - you know the alchemy of it totally speaks to me!  But today it is snowing yet again, and a balmy 27 degrees.  It was lovely while it lasted.