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say anything

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful 
than the risk it took to blossom."  ~ Aniis Nin

This quote has always resonated for me, but I hadn't really realized the expanse of it, until now.

Just in the past few months my life has taken on new shape and form.  Integration is a beautiful thing, people.  I'm realizing how my life is fitting together with so much ease... how my creative work is attuned to my personal work, how my aesthetic truth bares my emotional truth, and how being allowed to speak with 100% honesty and openness across the board is just so damn refreshing.  It's a flat out, revelation!

Whatever arena I am in, I can tell it like it is.  No need to obscure any piece of the puzzle any longer.  For years I felt conflicted about walking the walk of authentic living while not sharing a piece of my story, and that has completely dissolved.  This new phenomenon is total awesome sauce (to put it technically), and is deeply, deeply grounding.

I was chatting with someone the other day about boundaries, and he made an interesting observation about the boundaries that are created for us and the boundaries we place on ourselves, and if you look closely enough you begin to see there is really no discernment... so true, right?  

I think I had forgotten how much control I had over my own story.   I didn't realize how much of a defense mechanism it was thinking everyone else wasn't ready for the truth, when ultimately it really was me who wasn't ready.  I just didn't know there would be all this LOVE on the other side.       

But after crossing this final frontier, I have unmistakably arrived whole-heartedly in My Truth, the infinite and beautiful expanse of it.  

And let me tell you, she is mighty fine and we've been having one helluva good time getting to know one another!