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sharing a bit of my process

Many of you have asked, so I decided to share this series of images that depict a bit of my painting process.  It always starts with a few things glued on and a little bit of color inspiration to begin.  No plan, just moving paint and paper around.

There are many many layers of added bits of color, texture, and pretty paper and ephemera, this one using a vintage piece of lace, dripping paint, and one of my photographs.  Always, there are words that want to be added.

At some point, when the painting starts feeling messy and full, I add the black boarder around the edges to make it feel a bit more contained and so I can see a bit more clearly where the painting needs to go. 

Most often, this means hiding parts of the layers, obscuring some things, and letting other bits and pieces peek through, as I did with the big journal page I used.  More covering, shading and highlighting, a few finishing details... and the painting is done!  A story captured in paint.