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the conversation is happening

So, it happens.  You put your stuff out there and people start coming to your door to spill their own hearts.  It just goes to show how much we need solidarity, commiseration, and validation, and the power of connecting in these real, gritty places never ceased to amaze me.

I've heard from people who've wanted to simply give a nod of appreciation for being one of the ones out there and talking about alternative relationships.  I have been asked some pretty juicy and brave questions about my own exploration.  I've heard from others asking for advice and support around having conversations about sex in general.  I've received piles of gratitude from people for inspiring them to have new conversations about sex in their own marriages and relationships, and I've also been told some really hilarious and steamy sexual adventures.

This is such good... necessary, life affirming... stuff people, and you're totally rocking my world!

And I want you to know how grateful I am for allowing me to be a safe space-holder for this real and honest flow of words.  These are all treasured and much appreciated/aplauded conversations.

I'm honored, truly honored.  Because I know it's not easy to go there.

Keep those conversations going... with yourselves, with your partners, with friends you can trust and laugh with!  And thank you so much for letting me be even a tiny part of your sexy story <3