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the vessel of stars

These words jumped out at me as I sat down at my cluttered kitchen table to write the other day -  The Vessel of Stars: Preparation -  so perfectly capturing what I feel my work is right now, being a vessel for light and starry wishes and the mystical communing of many celestial bodies... all of YOU!  Such delicious energy in this phrase.  Can you feel it too? It's the New Moon, and my life is on a new trajectory.  I didn't know when I planned my surgery that this would be an actual time of transformation, a definitive alignment of core values and nurturing self love and deep body and earth wisdom.  The stars literally aligned with the timing, and I understand why I felt so much peace and ease going in. New opportunities are popping up like spring flowers, new relationships are unfolding, and new doorways are appearing in unexpected places as I stay open to who I am and where I want to go.  There is beauty and wonder in all of it. So today, there will be

my high priestess wears chanel

Elizabeth saw it back in February , my High Priestess struggling to right herself.  I felt it too, deeply in the discomfort and muck of evolution and trying to get clear on what it is I have to say, and how I want to exist in this next iteration of my work.  I feel like I am finding her... crossing over and beginning to flip that card. I often forget that I know things .  I've been around this block enough to have some pretty significant experiences under my belt which gives me a bit of clout I often don't recognize.  A friend recently asked me for some help around a creative project and at first I thought to myself, "what do I know about that?".   It wasn't until I really sat back and thought about it that it occurred to me, "damn, I have a lot to share!", as I listed the things in my head that I've done and collaborated on that will be really helpful to share with her. This, and so many similar mirror moments in the past week. Fuck, yeah.

in bed

The channels are opening.  It feels like lightness and desire and breath, all in one. I'm celebrating the tiny milestones of post-surgery recovery and each day I feel a little bit more myself... a shower, a hot cup of tea, a photo of something that makes my heart smile, a lingering kiss from my husband.  It's all part of an awakening of sorts, so delicious and the warm spring air feels in perfect synchronicity. Along with my energy levels and strength rising there so many thoughts and ideas flooding into the open spaces, and the challenge is to capture them with ease and openness and not jump at them in a mad rush.  The temptation to hit the ground running is great, especially since it feels like  I've been waiting for this inspired time for f.o.r.e.v.e.r...  I am so, so grateful to finally feel the barriers dissolving and the flow seeping back in.   So I've been visioning and making space, sitting in delicious moments of serendipity and tiny per

patience, girl

Letting the chips fall where they may.... and as you can see, my two sided runes speak to ease and slowness and good ol' Plan B.  You can imagine what the flip side would've said... Let's go out, Play, Plan A, Something New, etc... nope, not this time.  It's Tried and True and Heart-centered, all the way.   I went into the surgery with such a sense of calm and peace, and I woke up hours later wrapped in such an abiding sense of love and ease - that's how I know that the timing was good, that I made the right choice, that the healing has already begun even though I can't tell yet.  And I'm overwhelmed and so grateful for the abundance of love I received in words, in healing mojo, in pink blossoms, and in nurturing care and unwavering support.  So much love - t hank you.   My body is doing it's thing on its own time, in it's own way, and is in no way being made to rush.  It's still holding onto what came before and waiting to

a gut feeling

Literally and figuratively. Right now, it's all about my gut.  From tomorrow's surgery to fix an incisional hernia from my last c-section, to trying to listen carefully to a bevy of internal feelings, reactions and intuition, my midsection has been showing up with lots of lessons for me and has been my most prominent teacher this year.  It's caused me to slow way down, put some bigger projects back in the incubator and shift my thinking about nourishment in a broader way including what,   why, and how I want and need to be fed. It feels like a turning point, a milestone, getting my belly fixed.  It's pushing me to make some important, long term decisions about my health and about my lifestyle, and what lies on the other side is  a sort of healing that I have been working toward for what seems like forever.  Not just healing of the physical, but a deep healing of some emotional messiness as well that apparently I've been carry around in my gut for some time.

inspired living

{Somerset Life} When Stampington asked me to write a review of one of their magazines, I was thrilled!  Already an avid reader and fan, it is easy for me to sing their praises with sincerity and enthusiasm.   Artful Blogging , Mingle , Where Women Create , and Somerset Life  (shown in this post) are among my favorites.  They have two new titles coming this year as well, Willow and Sage which will focus on natural and handmade, and Bella Grace  all about finding the magic in the ordinary!  So excited for these!  {creative living ideas} What I love about all of these publications is that they are a true collaboration of so many artists and creatives, sharing such beautiful pieces of inspiration and insight which Stampington curates in such a gorgeous way.  The photography is swoon-worthy, the stories are richly captivating, and there are always new places, new people, new ways of doing things and new projects to explore. {beautiful stories} Somerset Li

the kind of alchemist i am becoming

I feel a radical shift happening in my work.  It is broadening and crossing into new territory and morphing into something deliciously exciting.  It feels more along the interactive lines of activism and coaching, but I am not entirely sure yet.  It feels like more than both those things alone.  The energy in my world has been naturally shifting to this place of advice giving and story sharing and space holding for new conversations, and those have been less about creative pursuits and more about more personal ones mostly of the relationship and sex variety.  Can I just say that I adore this change?   Creativity will always be a fundamental part of who I am and my work, but it is becoming more a means, a practice, a through line, a point of connection, and less about an end result.  It has been the catalyst and conduit for all that has come to be in my life. I'm being called in new directions and turning over stones in places I never thought of my self existing in... Plann

a shifting orientation

Lately, I've been playing with chemistry.  Not the ninth grade test tube and litmus paper version, but a more abstract notion of innate connectivity, receptivity, and the laws of attraction and reaction.  It's another way to think about molecules, particularly my own and how they align with those of other people and the world around me in general. "It's either there, or it isn't.  Can't predict it based on intellect, respect, attraction or good intentions alone. It is NOT an invariable quality. It's a palpable energy, but one at the core of all perception. Can't fight it, can contain it only inasmuch as you choose to place trust in ego's need for keeping up appearances, and cannot ignore it." So, he wrote.   It's the alchemy of something intangible into something palpable and visceral, an elemental soul-connection that I don't think can be contextualized by gender, orientation, age, race or any of those neat and tidy b

basin side

5am 6am 7am 8am Sometimes I stare out my window and wonder how I could ever exist without this view?  With the winged weathervane always pointing towards my true north, the seasons and tides a constant herald of change, and the light so exquisite, so divine that it literally takes my breath away.  It's a grounding force in my daily life like no other and makes me feel present and really here, anchored to this life. I will never tire of this beautiful panorama and the gratitude I feel for being allowed this decadent romance, for however long, is overwhelming at times as I watch the geese glide and the seagulls dive and the sun melt the sky into indescribable shades of pink and purple and gray, my boys often playing on the grassy shore. I feel what an enormous blessing it is, that this is the life my kids get to live and know even thought they don't truly understand the greatness of what we have, someday they will, and by then it will simply be a forever