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Sometimes I stare out my window and wonder how I could ever exist without this view?  With the winged weathervane always pointing towards my true north, the seasons and tides a constant herald of change, and the light so exquisite, so divine that it literally takes my breath away.  It's a grounding force in my daily life like no other and makes me feel present and really here, anchored to this life.

I will never tire of this beautiful panorama and the gratitude I feel for being allowed this decadent romance, for however long, is overwhelming at times as I watch the geese glide and the seagulls dive and the sun melt the sky into indescribable shades of pink and purple and gray, my boys often playing on the grassy shore.

I feel what an enormous blessing it is, that this is the life my kids get to live and know even thought they don't truly understand the greatness of what we have, someday they will, and by then it will simply be a forever part of who they are.  Every sunrise, every pink sky, every bird song and deep blue day, and it feels like a poem, a prayer, a gift of unbelievable magnitude.

Blessed be.


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