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in bed

The channels are opening.  It feels like lightness and desire and breath, all in one.

I'm celebrating the tiny milestones of post-surgery recovery and each day I feel a little bit more myself... a shower, a hot cup of tea, a photo of something that makes my heart smile, a lingering kiss from my husband.  It's all part of an awakening of sorts, so delicious and the warm spring air feels in perfect synchronicity.

Along with my energy levels and strength rising there so many thoughts and ideas flooding into the open spaces, and the challenge is to capture them with ease and openness and not jump at them in a mad rush.  The temptation to hit the ground running is great, especially since it feels like I've been waiting for this inspired time for f.o.r.e.v.e.r...  I am so, so grateful to finally feel the barriers dissolving and the flow seeping back in.  

So I've been visioning and making space, sitting in delicious moments of serendipity and tiny perfection, and daydreaming a lot.  There are piles of books and magazines on my bed.  My inspiration notebook is being cracked open and scribbled in, and I'm unfurling into a new iterations of how I wish things to be:  a freshened up blog that's a little lighter and airier, day 5 of eating raw and clean, a creative brunch on the calendar, skype and phone dates to look forward to, new intentions to clarify, and looking forward to finally being able to make some plans!  Off we go.....  

My bed is a very good place for healing, dreaming and scheming.  For now, a perfect alchemy I must say.



  1. Love this! As you rest your creative heart is open ready to receive. Sending you so much love. xo

    1. trying to go slowly... thank you, love. xo


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