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{Somerset Life}

When Stampington asked me to write a review of one of their magazines, I was thrilled!  Already an avid reader and fan, it is easy for me to sing their praises with sincerity and enthusiasm.  Artful Blogging, Mingle, Where Women Create, and Somerset Life (shown in this post) are among my favorites.  They have two new titles coming this year as well, Willow and Sage which will focus on natural and handmade, and Bella Grace all about finding the magic in the ordinary!  So excited for these! 

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What I love about all of these publications is that they are a true collaboration of so many artists and creatives, sharing such beautiful pieces of inspiration and insight which Stampington curates in such a gorgeous way.  The photography is swoon-worthy, the stories are richly captivating, and there are always new places, new people, new ways of doing things and new projects to explore.

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Somerset Life is all about Authentic & Creative living, and this is what you will find amidst it's pages... big possibility in unexpected places, hands-on ideas and inspired projects, uniquely shared wisdom and insight, and heart-centered stories that will light that creative fire in you every single time!  This is what Stampington does best; keeps me inspired and connected to my community, encourages me to live beautifully and more creatively, and reminds me to stay true to my own journey.  Thank you for filling my world with color, vision and light!

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  1. truly, everything about their publications feels luxurious - paper quality, photos, the artists. they are treasures!

    1. luxurious is such a perfect word... yes! so yummy. thanks, suzanne.


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