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my high priestess wears chanel

Elizabeth saw it back in February, my High Priestess struggling to right herself.  I felt it too, deeply in the discomfort and muck of evolution and trying to get clear on what it is I have to say, and how I want to exist in this next iteration of my work.  I feel like I am finding her... crossing over and beginning to flip that card.

I often forget that I know things.  I've been around this block enough to have some pretty significant experiences under my belt which gives me a bit of clout I often don't recognize.  A friend recently asked me for some help around a creative project and at first I thought to myself, "what do I know about that?".  It wasn't until I really sat back and thought about it that it occurred to me, "damn, I have a lot to share!", as I listed the things in my head that I've done and collaborated on that will be really helpful to share with her. This, and so many similar mirror moments in the past week.

Fuck, yeah.

And, so I see her.

My High Priestess.

So, I've made the definitive decision to woo her and let her speak.  "A Force of Fierce - Just Transform Your Life", the words bubbling up for this next phase of life.  She is wiser than I give her credit for, and she has a lot to say.  That is, I have a lot to say.  And I know where I stand.  I don't have all the answers, but I know what I value and where that can take me, and where that can help me take others.  

It's been an interesting week of bumping into old narratives and new challenges, and easing my way past them with the help of using my voice while digging into grace and intuition and gratitude.  I've come to the place where I can see where I fit in and where all this work has taken me.

It's one of the moments where I sense in every way, I am leveling up - in my own heart and in my own being.   I'm putting new words around my work and embracing new monikers that feel big and daring, but I know if I don't, I won't rise to the occasion.  I can't become Her if I don't believe in Her.  If I don't believe in Me.

I'm trying to believe.  In a way that feels just shy of comfortable, yet insanely alive with YES energy.

And surprisingly, she likes Chanel.  As I was flipping through magazines to make my spring vision book and I came across a perfume sample that just swept me of my feet!  About a decade ago I had a brief romance with this scent when someone bought it for me as a gift.  I even bought it for others, I loved it so much.  Something about it speaks to me - the classic-ness with a modern, youthful and lighter twist, a certainty, a sophistication, and a definitive nod to contemporary fashion and style.  While I'm not a huge perfume person, this is my scent.  So now it will be a part of my new alchemy and I will wear it as a beautiful reminder to myself - I know, I am her.  And Alex likes it too, so that seals the deal.

When it comes together, it is meant to be.