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the vessel of stars

These words jumped out at me as I sat down at my cluttered kitchen table to write the other day - The Vessel of Stars: Preparation - so perfectly capturing what I feel my work is right now, being a vessel for light and starry wishes and the mystical communing of many celestial bodies... all of YOU!  Such delicious energy in this phrase.  Can you feel it too?

It's the New Moon, and my life is on a new trajectory.  I didn't know when I planned my surgery that this would be an actual time of transformation, a definitive alignment of core values and nurturing self love and deep body and earth wisdom.  The stars literally aligned with the timing, and I understand why I felt so much peace and ease going in.

New opportunities are popping up like spring flowers, new relationships are unfolding, and new doorways are appearing in unexpected places as I stay open to who I am and where I want to go.  There is beauty and wonder in all of it.

So today, there will be lots of dreaming and visioning and honoring what is to come.  I'll be planting the final seeds of what I hope to come to fruition this season and pasting them into my vision book.  Then it's on to cook a beautiful meal for my boys, and to head off on what might be a very fortuitous meeting at the Four Seasons.  A new place for me to experience, and new energy therein.

The signs have been all along my path as I've been making my way slowly back out into the world.  Arrows, markers, and of course lots of tokens of love, all encouraging me forward and echoing a big and beautiful, YES. 

I love new beginnings, don't you?