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My life force feels like it is rushing through me these days, and it's all I can do to scribble it all down and snap the moments in hopes of catching as much of it as I can.  If feels so so good after such a long fallow season of gestation and going inward.  Where it once was muddled and and unclear, things are now coming into focus more and more.  It feels like I have finally popped my head above the clouds and can see for miles and miles and miles... all sunshine and sparkle, baby!  Thus the splash of glitter I just had to add here. The evolution takes as long as it takes, and now it's time for me to dance into the work!  It feels utterly glorious, and also tremendously tender and new.  But in my heart there is some serious fire.  I know where I need to goto next and slowly I am taking steps to get there, trying to pace myself into an easy burn. The new Love Letters project has been kicking my ass - in that good way, of course - as the entire community I had built ov

this is what a feminist looks like

I first heard about Kelly's story  on the Sex Out Loud podcast (aug. 30, 2013 episode), and was immediately ignited by her fierce bravery and badass work - standing in her truth against shame, fear, and downright meanness!  Since then, Kelly has boldly answered back and created an entire movement embracing and celebrating the full spectrum of feminist expression - We Are What Feminists Look Like - where women (and men!) can take a stand for themselves as well as for the greater good, expanding people's ideas of what feminism truly is.  Breaking away from negativity and old stereotypes around this word and ideal is important evolutionary work, and change is happening.  Feminism is being taken back and re-empowered, thanks to people like Kelly. To me, feminism is empowered living on every level.  It's bigger than just ideas around sexism and informs every aspect of who I am.  It's a deep sense of self-worth, equality, agency, freedom, and responsibility to show up

the practice of opening up

Last spring, in small and big ways, I began to invite people in.  One of the most profound ways was in opening up my home for creative gatherings, and not just for close friends, but to new acquaintances who might not know me well at all.  It's changed how I physically exists in my life, in my home, in my literal sanctuary .  And when women choose to show up here, they are truly seen.  And in turn, so am I.  "Fearless"... "Be Yourself"... some of the gorgeous messages they come with, for me.  So much of building my creative life has been about taking virtual connections and manifesting them in real time.  Always, one of the biggest struggles I hear that people have is meeting kindreds who actually live near them.  It's not easy.  It's not only about the logistics of how and when, it takes a huge amount of trust and letting go to simply open your doors and say... come, to whoever might need this kind of soul infusion.  But every sing

adventure time

One of our favorite local farms just opened for the season.  It's one of things I adore about where we live, there are these wide swaths of country-bumpkin-ish places where we can roam around under wide skies and green grass.  Not to mention the delicious cider donuts and fresh produce.  We saw the strawberry patches beginning to take shape next to the craggily apple trees waiting for their turn to bloom.  The sky was patchy and grayish and the air is still cool here in New England, but I love my little corner of the universe, so much, where we have the best of everything... the rhythm of the seasons, the city and the mountains just a short drive away, and the sea and sand and farmer's markets right at our doorstep.      My family thrives in nature and being out doors.  I can feel this deep letting go in between the mud puddles and trees, and I can see it in the ease and joy that washes over the boys the longer we wander.  At first they are reluctant to leave