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adventure time

One of our favorite local farms just opened for the season.  It's one of things I adore about where we live, there are these wide swaths of country-bumpkin-ish places where we can roam around under wide skies and green grass.  Not to mention the delicious cider donuts and fresh produce.  We saw the strawberry patches beginning to take shape next to the craggily apple trees waiting for their turn to bloom.  The sky was patchy and grayish and the air is still cool here in New England, but I love my little corner of the universe, so much, where we have the best of everything... the rhythm of the seasons, the city and the mountains just a short drive away, and the sea and sand and farmer's markets right at our doorstep.  

My family thrives in nature and being out doors.  I can feel this deep letting go in between the mud puddles and trees, and I can see it in the ease and joy that washes over the boys the longer we wander.  At first they are reluctant to leave the couch and the iPads, but with the promise of adventure - which is always what we call our outings together... "going on an adventure" not really knowing where we might end up or what nooks we might explore, it always ends up the same;  deeply satisfying, undeniably grounding, and full of wonder and bliss.  It's a different vibration entirely, and one we all need in many ways, without a doubt.  

They marvel at the color of the sky, the windmills on the horizon, the tiny buds and blooms, and they always find water.  Even if it is a tiny puddle, it beckons them with sticks and toes and a desire to toss in pebbles and make wishes.  These moments are like tiny treasures to collect along with the flowers and heart rocks.  We always leave with an abundance of it all.  Sometimes there are even yummy treats to be had.  This kind of adventuring is such a sustaining part of my motherhood, and a practice I turn to again and again and again.