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this is what a feminist looks like

I first heard about Kelly's story on the Sex Out Loud podcast (aug. 30, 2013 episode), and was immediately ignited by her fierce bravery and badass work - standing in her truth against shame, fear, and downright meanness!  Since then, Kelly has boldly answered back and created an entire movement embracing and celebrating the full spectrum of feminist expression - We Are What Feminists Look Like - where women (and men!) can take a stand for themselves as well as for the greater good, expanding people's ideas of what feminism truly is.  Breaking away from negativity and old stereotypes around this word and ideal is important evolutionary work, and change is happening. Feminism is being taken back and re-empowered, thanks to people like Kelly.

To me, feminism is empowered living on every level.  It's bigger than just ideas around sexism and informs every aspect of who I am.  It's a deep sense of self-worth, equality, agency, freedom, and responsibility to show up in this world as my truest and best self.  It's the practice of being fully awake and aware as a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, friend, and leader.  It's fighting for the things I believe in for myself and for my community.

Feminism is having a voice, and using it as your superpower.

Contrary to old beliefs, feminism isn not about hating men.  It's about deprograming a deeply engrained societal idea that women are in any way inferior or to be silenced.  This point of view has been in our cultural DNA for far too long and unconsciously creates many of the obstacles we face as women -----> which holds us back as an entire human race.  It's bigger than just gender politics.

So, modern feminism, to me, is deeply about supporting and helping women to lift ourselves and one another up.  It's focusing on the positive upward energy.  It's pushing hard against comparison, jealousy, cattiness, fear, scarcity, insecurity, all aspects of shame, inequality, and hate.

It's living in fierce kindness, compassion, openness and love.

Yes.  I am a feminist, through and through.


  1. happy monday chickadee. i learn here. i grow here. but mostly i just love what i always find here.

    1. happy happy! and so appreciate these monday words of big-hearted-ness! xoxo


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