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My life force feels like it is rushing through me these days, and it's all I can do to scribble it all down and snap the moments in hopes of catching as much of it as I can.  If feels so so good after such a long fallow season of gestation and going inward.  Where it once was muddled and and unclear, things are now coming into focus more and more.  It feels like I have finally popped my head above the clouds and can see for miles and miles and miles... all sunshine and sparkle, baby!  Thus the splash of glitter I just had to add here.

The evolution takes as long as it takes, and now it's time for me to dance into the work!  It feels utterly glorious, and also tremendously tender and new.  But in my heart there is some serious fire.  I know where I need to goto next and slowly I am taking steps to get there, trying to pace myself into an easy burn.

The new Love Letters project has been kicking my ass - in that good way, of course - as the entire community I had built over the last 10 years is turning over in such a mad rush of wild and loving hellos and swift and honorable goodbyes.  It's vulnerability of the highest order, this kind of letting go, but I am grateful for it all as I know I am getting closer and closer to finding my core community.  And you all feel... just, so open and delicious!  Blessed Be.

And so changes are afoot.

Wishstudio is officially a gorgeous wrap!  It's a mental thing for me more than anything, as I haven't really produced any work there in a while, but I've hung on to the idea of it all waiting to be sure it's really time to move on.  And it most definitely is.  All I have left to do is figure how to best preserve that work.  So many memories and so much growth happened there.  It will always be a part of who I am.

Onward I go! Into deep soul work that is truly tugging at me in so many juicy ways.  New doors are flying open.  The universe is saying, Yes!  Already so many beautiful seeds are being planted for 2015.   My life is singing to me many new songs.  Coming next, this space will have it's own real URL.

So stay tuned, fierce-heatrted beauties!  Things are happening, and I wouldn't want you to miss a thing.  


  1. Oh how I love how you are follow your heart and stepping so boldly into you. I also love that you are embracing the goodbyes from others and you share your heart. Yes indeed you are finding your community and building it! I am so proud of you!!! And cannot wait to see what the future unfolds. xoxoxo

    1. feels a bit like a revolving door around here lately, but trusting all is as it should be! thank you, jennifer. xoxo


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