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it was all that







Fresh back from the lake, and all I can say is.... ahhhhhhh!  I spent most of my time channeling right in the brightness of the twinkle lights and togetherness and less time behind the camera, but I think you can tell from these few images that Squam was its usual luminous self.

Someone asked what my favorite thing is about coming here, and I answered without hesitation - it's the connections I make and the people I cross paths with.  So many gorgeous souls here doing their groove thing and shining their heart-lights.  It makes for some serious JOY.

My other favorite thing, is that by circling back to this place again and again I can truly see the changes and growth in my life.  I am never the same person I was the last time I sat on the dock.  In the stillness of the lake and the quiet of the cottages, I can feel my own momentum here, how my soul has been moving steadily along.  It's a wondrous thing to witness, like grace and gratitude all rolled into one, and I can deeply sink into my own vibration and truth.

And the lessons?  It's like live streaming from the universe 24/7, most of it about giving and receiving and staying open and aligned to love - an infinite virtuous circle of truth and kindness.

Yes.  My soul feels strung with twinkle lights.


  1. love that your soul feels strung with twinkle lights…how awesome is that?!
    if i could return every year, i would. so good for the soul.

    1. thank you, michelle! i wish we could all be there together, every year! gatherings are just so necessary. xoxo


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