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keep the garden safe

The words that surfaced from the pages of the book I was making told the story of my entire weekend:

love to dream

be a rock star

keep the garden safe

it might be fun to be an explorer

i think i'll just be...

And so was my weekend with Sabrina, who kept the preciousness of our experience together fiercely sacred and shared her process with humor and so much openness... much like the first time I circled with her, but the lessons seeped into me in different ways pooling around the new contours of my life almost 4 years later.  

So, to honor that space I'll leave you with these few thoughts and images:  of bright smears of paint, blissfully blue skies, a tribe that went on a similar but uniquely meaningful journey together.  Spilling open...wide, and in so much LOVE.


  1. ohhh this CAPTURES it so truly!!!!! what a gift to be with YOU all weekend .. . xooxoxox, e

    1. i feel exactly the same. thank you sweet, girl xoxo


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