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Summer, when we are all home and together, means lots of spontaneous adventuring.  Some of the sweetest days are discovered in unexpected places after having packed up the kids into the car with piles of pillows and blankets and books and heading off into the unknown.  Yesterday we picked Portland, ME, as my oldest has been wanting to get back there and to Peaks Island since our last visit a few years ago, to share the magic with his dad and brother.  Lots of wandering, and perusing, and marveling over the delicious ocean air and huge swarms of seagulls floating above a bustling harbor like a scene from a movie.  There were tongue tattoos and golden pirate doubloons, a little stuffed humpback whale named "Milkshale", lego candies and jelly bellies, sea glass and hermit crabs.  A picture perfect day filled with sweet treats and lots of sun-shiny exploring.

 We had a delicious lunch, topped off with magical Pixie Dust.

A little sexy side tour for Alex and I as we took turns perusing the local boutique purveyor of little saucy things while the kids looted the candy store.  Happiness all around. I bought this pretty Kama Sutra deck because of it's sweet illustrations and Alex got a couple of treats too ;)

We wondered at the local version of Love Locks favoring the older, unique vintage pieces the best.... a lion, a heart-shaped lock, one the head of Ganesha.  So many names, and so much love!

We took the ferry out to Peaks Island, Alex and Athen's maiden voyage into Casco Bay.

The scene was idyllic... beach roses and the long wooden pier surrounding a cozy little beach where the kids caught crabs and swam and we sat outside nibbling on mussels and the best cous cous salad I've ever had.

And of course my two oldest boys could not resist the excitement of jumping off the pier.  Alex went in 4 times before Owen got enough courage to make the 15 foot leap - it was low tide, so the highest jump!

He finally did it!!!

And the little guy was happy to watch with me ;)

Heading back, the sun was dipping low in the sky and we were all filled to the brim, happy and tired.  A perfect little summer adventure!