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selling my soul

The saying goes, you teach what you need to learn.  

I'm halfway through teaching my online ecourse, and it's been deep lessons in trusting the creative process, my own intuition, and sitting in community with an amazing group of women as a leader and guide.  While I'm not new to teaching workshops, both online and in-person, it's been a long evolution of feeling my way into truly believing I have what it takes - to honestly believe in myself and stand unabashedly in this power.  

I've always felt more like a sharer, a hostess, an open heart-space connector, and while I am all of those things, this softer version of *space-holder* is not the same as taking a fierce stance as a Leader, with a capitol L. 

It's been a huge part of my work this year to really go there, and what I've learned so far is that it not simply about standing in front of a class with something to teach... it's been about deeply connecting with the importance, relevance and power of what I have to offer - which in and of itself, is integral to how the work manifests.  Let me reiterate that... truly believing in and trusting in your work changes the very way it comes into being and the positive energy and ability it has to effect others.  

-----> It's not about creating a product and selling it, though it looks like that from the outside.  What I've had to learn was that it's really about packaging and delivering my own essence, wisdom, and beliefs, and part of that is connected to the beliefs I have about myself as being worthy as a teacher, maker, and human being.  

It's true Inner Alchemy at work.  

And so I've been carving out this beautiful body of work, finding my voice with all of it and the way it wants to be transferred from heart to heart from a real place of groundedness and certainty.  The transformation has been slow and steady, yet full of power and illumination.  It's a work in progress, a living organism that is growing and becoming serving also as a deep reminder and metaphor for my own fierce heart.   

It's divine alignment, and feels like joy and possibility and so much love.