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unraveling at the altar of my Love Letters

It's a curious thing, these Love Letters.

They are expanding my life, as a writer, a connector, as a human being.

What felt like a bold new experiment has slowly evolved into a necessary kind of alchemy in my life, a practice where the integration of all of my work somehow seams together in this decadent, steamy, and very edgy place where both dark and light collide and creative living concepts intertwine and support my sexual narrative.  I knew there was juice and friction there, I was living it long before I was writing about it, but I wasn't sure how it would all unfold.  Surprisingly, these ideals go hand in hand.  It's the lens I see the world through now, and they have become inextricable.  Sacred sacral work, undeniably.

Showing up to this weekly writing has pushed me in ways I couldn't have imagined... digging into the subtext and sharing intimate stories with a shifting and growing list of subscribers, many of whom I know in person, neighbors, friends, and even old acquaintances from my high school years.  It's sorta crazy.  And hugely intimidating.  Yet ripe with so much.  It's still scary, but I'm less afraid.

Because it's where I feel a big part of my story is being re-written from a new place of power I didn't realize I had.  These are offerings from my core - a place inside me that feels both ancient and brand new.

And I'm learning to let go more and more.  

The stories are still shifting and evolving, but I feel a little braver each week about baring some pretty touchy things about myself.  It's not really about the sex.  It never is.  It has everything to do with self discovery under the lens of some pretty steamy exploration.  Together, these Love Letters are unearthing a bigger story about a deep and abiding relationship with trust ----> trust in the value of my own desires <---- this statement is hugely impactful in ways I don't even know yet, but I feel the importance in words that flow out of me and onto the page and into the lives of others.  The ripple effect has been immeasurable, experienced mostly by your letters in return... your questions, anecdotes, discoveries and celebrations, and so many words of wild encouragement asking me for more.  My cup runneth over.

I can't tell you how liberating it is to finally be here, naked in my truth.  It's messy and wild and really vulnerable work, but it's what I'm meant to share.  This much I know.


  1. love, love, love this! I love your letters. Your big brave heart is changing the world!

    1. as always.... thank you for being such an amazing brave heart, by my side!

  2. and i thank you for sharing it. and also, what rock have i been under? i must get myself to reading these love letters....pronto!

    1. valerie! thank you so much for the fierce love and support! xo


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