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the alchemy of alignment, and my own body's truth

The biggest part of my work has been about healing. From the deepest levels of my soul to the most elemental parts of my self, all exploration and lessons of my Inner Alchemy are meant to lead me back to my own wholeness. Piece by piece, I am finding her, and learning the most important truth at every turn, that She is there waiting for me loving and wise, beautiful and strong.  It's the highest order of integration, discovering profound peace and purpose in my own mind, heart, and in my own skin. As I move further and further into integration, it becomes more and more evident where my life is not aligned.  The parts that need more attention begin to squeak loudly and beg for TLC, for healing. The signals are clear, my aching joints, my still healing belly and the pains from surgery, high cholesterol, a broken tooth, skin that needs smoothing and clearing, the extra weight I am carrying around that alway seems to feel in the way -- a hindrance both actual and metapho

let's do this

It's hard to believe, but vacation is almost over. The leaves are just starting to turn, the marsh grass is fading to gold, my husband is back at work, and it is time to start thinking about back to school and beyond in earnest. After some serious summering, it feels like time. I spent a lot of the day yesterday writing out my dream schedule for the weeks ahead, visioning the heck out of all the small details since it will now include more wide open time for me to truly lean into my work.   It's time to really show up.  I've wondered, for forever it seems, about what I could really accomplish if I had more time, and it is about to be delivered in spades. For the first time in 11 years, I will be on my own for most of the day as two boys will be boarding the bus for school every morning. They are ready.  I am ready. I am trying to think bigger while not putting too many expectations on anything, leaving space for the unknowns that I know will appear and room for

your letters :: on finding your sexy

Mindy,  I think it's difficult to answer this question -- to get to our answer, amid the very culture (sex negative) you mentioned. I chose to wear red lipstick and a friend called, after seeing my photo on Instagram, and said "That's not you. you look like you're trying to be someone else." I might want to wear certain short shorts, but the cultural messages against cellulite interrupt the vision and make it feel ugly, so of course, I refrain. I might feel sexy, but feel, like you said, slutty, because that's what people tell me. A male friend goes into my instagram and sends me pictures and says "Why are you portraying yourself like this??? Of course you are attracting the wrong kind of men." When I look and feel sexy, women friends distance themselves from me. Of course.......there are answers to all of these. The one answer : it's about THEM, not me. But finding ME amid all that is HARD. xoxoxo thank you for these Love Letters :) al

the rhythm of an extroverted introvert

When I was in high school, I missed a lot of days of school.  I was out so much that my friends would tease me about it - oh, look... Mindy's out again.  What a surprise (not).   It's never occurred to me until this very moment that this was probably due to my nature as an extroverted introvert.  Sort of an ah-ha revelation. This is a term I've come across recently, and it describes me to a T... someone who is comfortable in crowds, is sociable and outgoing and can be ON when needed, even craves and thrives in social situations, but on the flip side of that is someone who needs huge amounts of alone time and the and ease of wide open emotional and physical space.  Both are necessary sustenance. There is no perfect formula, but I can generally move between these two extremes without too much trouble as I have the flexibility to create my own schedule and plan my own days (for the most part).  This is also probably why I've  never really thrived in regular 9-5 job