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Under this last super moon, I have been deep in the work of making things happen. It always amazes me when I reach these moments... when I realize just what my life has brought to bear. There is so much wonder in the magic of making wishes come true. Hard work and sacrifice too, of course, but big beautiful blessings and abundance, always.  

Since it began, I always had dreams of going to Squam but truthfully, I never really fully believed I would get ever there. It was simply one of those 'someday' things that I didn't now if I could ever realistically pull off. It wasn't just about the logistics of time and money, it was more about the story of a deeper commitment and belief in myself. The belief that I was worthy, that I belonged, that I had a reason to be a part of that magic.

And so, two years since I attended my first Squam something has shifted in my life, and I am now immersed in a love affair with it all! Not just the lake and beauty and the transformative alchemy that happens there, but with the soul of Squam. We are aligned in ways I never would have imagined, and I am now part of helping to make that magic happen for others! It's an incredible gift and a labor of true love. And so wildly integrated on every level. Like, wow! I never would have guessed I'd be part of things in this way.

Really, the heart and soul of Squam is Elizabeth. And so this has also been very much about the journey of our friendship, and how both of us wild Aquarians have such a deep passion for nurturing and guiding others to be bravely seen. For me, it's meant showing up to my work with a fierce heart and unabashed authenticity, and then being so graciously and gorgeously received by those who truly see who I am and what I have to offer. It's soul work of the highest order.

And so I am incredibly grateful... for the love, for the wishes come true, for the way my life has manifested it's very own kind of real magic in a place that feels like so many wide-open arms. 


  1. this is such a lovely post--for so many reasons!!!

    1. thank you so much elizabeth! i love and appreciate you stopping by with such a sweet message!!! xo

  2. oh how I love this so very much. I love that very first year you made it to squam and have so many amazing memories from that time. xoxxo wishes and dreams come true are the best!!!

    1. it's crazy! so many beautiful moments and much because of your big open heart!!! i will always be grateful. xoxo


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