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Squam :: the stories within the story {part 1}

The story of shedding the old and starting anew :: of journeying and acknowledging how far I've come since my first trip to the lake - how I came literally in the dark, and how I found light in it all - in my own inner wisdom and all that is still to come. 

The story of knowing just who I am :: in this moment, in this skin, in this place in my life, feeling such an amazing grounded sense of presence and home, mirrored by beautiful people unabashedly sharing their stories and gratitude for my vulnerability and putting my life out there. And being utterly seen and fiercely (and saucily!) received.

The story of a friendship come full circle :: finally meeting face to face with Alex and how one little wish jar made almost 10 years ago and sent across the miles to a complete stranger, but kindred for sure, came to bear magic after a decade of dreaming, believing, connecting, and big wishes come true! (not the best photo of me, but a testament to my serious love for this soul fairy!) 

The story of a new friendship becoming :: and the trust and the love and the joy therein, and all the magic there is to come.

photo by Sarah

photo by Liv

photo by Andi

photo by ninabeana

photo by Andi

The story about spreading and receiving love :: between dear old friends and many shiny and new. And so many gorgeous and kind souls came up to me to thank me for the daily packets I made, making Squam extra special for them, an offering that came back to me ten fold. It's the ongoing story of trust in my creative journey, my personal magic, and the through-line of abundance and overflowing gratitude.


  1. Thank you for all the beautiful treats during my time at Squam. xo


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