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Squam :: the stories within the story {part 2}

The story of finding my groove thing :: among the many gorgeous gifts, totems and talismans that found their way into my hands during this past week, finding this disco ball while out on a photo walk is one of my most favorite treasures. It will always remind me of my own inner illumination and to how I truly love to share that sassy sparkle.

The story of urban alchemy :: a gorgeous elixir of color, community, truth, faith, friendship, magic, and even a dose of sexy city grit. The landscape reflected back to me, in full-on beauty and shadow and light, the life I am living, right now. It was truly a feast of LOVE.

The story of Squam from a new perspective :: working behind the scenes, from beginning to end, has a different kind of magical energy than it would as if coming as an attendee or even a teacher. So I am learning about the gifts and the sacrifice of what it means to be a part of that magic, in a beautiful new way. 

 The story of longtime virtual loves becoming flesh and blood friendships :: so much history, so many years, all distilled into beautiful shiny moments like these... finally face-to-face and wrapped in wild embraces that were far too short lived.

The story that everything is oh, so FINE!