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memento mori

In honor of all the thin places, in loving memory to those we've loved and lost.... Happy Halloween!


The theme of safety and daring has been coming up a lot for me, and I realize it is core aspect of my life and work. In so many ways, trust is everything. It is the point where all things hinge from, where safety can then lead to daring. It's how I navigate my deepest vulnerabilities which is also the place of my best and greatest work. It is true of my creative dreams. It is fundamental in my sexual exploration. It is essential in my friendships as well. I think that even if you don't know me well, one thing is perfectly clear - I operate from a place of complete transparency. My truth is out there, and I've come to a place in my life where I am completely at peace with owning the discomfort of that. In fact, it is through that discomfort that my life thrives. When I feel safe enough to get really naked and vulnerable, it is always where the wildcrazymagic happens. Some of this safety come from trust in others which is crucial in knowing who to let in. But I am f

the duality of all things: honoring the shadow and the light

As above and so below. It is a belief in the duality of all things. And so is my life filled with this duality... beauty and ugliness, light and dark, extraordinary and mundane, pleasure and pain, joy and despair. One is simply a part of the other. As a creative person moving through the world with high ideals of inspiring others and being true to one's self and sharing so much brightness with the world, the shadow side is always a challenge for me to navigate. It exists in my world alongside everything else... the messiness of motherhood, the challenges and pragmatics of daily living, the difficulty of staying present to my own needs, and the perils of offering so much of my self in so many ways. There isn't always harmony. And that's ok. So, on the heels of a very hard week in my personal realm and in the marrow of my own life, I feel the necessity of honoring the edges, the darkness that can sometimes overwhelm me and call into question all that I am an

in the wild integration of creativity, sexuality and inner alchemy, I have found my heroes journey

In some ways I can hardly believe I'm here. In other ways, I know it was always meant to be... and so I honor all the small steps and huge leaps it took to get me to this place. This place of utter knowing and wild opening, and divine faith in the process. It all came down to holding steady on my course, no matter what. even when I wasn't certain if the community would need this kind of magic. even when I was afraid to really be seen. even when I felt alone. even when the truth was unconventional and complicated. even when others told me that exploring bare sexuality might not be good for business. even though it took years for others to start feeling safe to join in on the conversation. even through having to risk it all. It was only ever about my Truth. And now it is all happening... integrating... expanding... and being revealed in ways I never would have imagined - in my relationships, in my storytelling, in the healing work that I seem to be

the magic of Alchemy Cards

It is almost time! We begin our Inner Alchemy Circle: Earth Coven, this Sunday, October 19th... and as many of you have had questions, I wanted to share a little about the 3 fold process of making Alchemy Cards. It's deeply intuitive, wildly evocative, and easily accessible, and with the help of some truly inspiring guides, we will be creating a juicy 36 card deck! In the spirit of manifesting wishes, special  *join with a friend*  now thru Friday, October 17th!  Simply add a friend, sister, or virtual soulmate to your purchase by including their name and email at checkout, here  (in the Notes section), and you will both have a spot in the circle! Offer ends at 12am EST. See you on Sunday!

getting soul.FULL. with Kelly Barton

Kelly Barton is one of those spirits who embodys JOY in every way. The way she shares her colorful and creative light in the world has inspired me on my own path for many years. After many collaborations on workshops and other projects online, Kelly and I finally met face-to-face at Squam when I took her mixed-media class, and the light and LOVE that is Miss KellyB is truly magical! She lives her artful life with truth and flair.... what a lucky girl I am to call her a friend.... AND, I know there will be more gorgeous collaborations between the two of us wild souls in the future, as she is always cookin' up good things.  For her latest adventure, Kelly has just launched her first online ecourse ( woot! ) which looks divinely delicious, called  soul.full.   It's a one-week guided field trip that explores how to bring in creativity everyday and new habits that will give you an artist’s nudge, all while putting a smile on your face .  I know it's going

alchemical awakenings

I can only describe what I am going through as an alchemical awakening . While trying really hard to resist the urge to judge... to give in to that rational voice that wants to tell me I'm crazy to believe... I am giving in to the undeniable pull and signs all around me. It seems like everything I pick up, everything I read, every conversation seems to lead to the same thing ----> my relationship with magic. And it's not the Hollywood or Halloween versions of magic. It's more the spiritual practice and has to do with my own personal relationship with energy, which has been brewing inside of me for a very long time. I am feeling it unfold in the rhythm of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, my powerful sacral work of creativity and sexuality, as well as in my own inner fire. It's a belief system I already resonate with, rooted in the elements of the natural world and the invisible connections between myself and everything in it. In my Wish Alchemists c