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alchemical awakenings

I can only describe what I am going through as an alchemical awakening. While trying really hard to resist the urge to judge... to give in to that rational voice that wants to tell me I'm crazy to believe... I am giving in to the undeniable pull and signs all around me. It seems like everything I pick up, everything I read, every conversation seems to lead to the same thing ----> my relationship with magic.

And it's not the Hollywood or Halloween versions of magic. It's more the spiritual practice and has to do with my own personal relationship with energy, which has been brewing inside of me for a very long time. I am feeling it unfold in the rhythm of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, my powerful sacral work of creativity and sexuality, as well as in my own inner fire. It's a belief system I already resonate with, rooted in the elements of the natural world and the invisible connections between myself and everything in it.

In my Wish Alchemists circle today I began this visioning page, and while at first I thought it was about searching for a framework or label for my personal brand of magical energy work, it is clear to me now that it is really about simply claiming what is - my inner witch.

Because I have been living it all along.

As I looked up -alyssum- from the vision board above, not knowing anything about it as I pasted it on the page, it lead me to witchapedia (those funny clever witches ;) and is now bookmarked for further exploration. The breadcrumbs are all along my path.

The learning has begun in earnest. I am ravenous for more knowledge.

I came across 21st Century Wicca in my local used bookstore the other day, and I couldn't resist. I'm devouring the simple wisdom and intuitive insight with a hungry beginners mind and finding so many synchronicities and validation amidst the pages. A small part of me wants to say... seriously? witchcraft?... but a bigger part of me is already deep in the Oh, YES! of clearing and rearranging the studio to become part alchemy lab and readying my very first Book of Shadows, thoughts that are making me insanely happy! Even a little crow magic has shown up, just as I am writing this - crazy signs like this everywhere.

Oh, and tomorrow I am having lunch with a very special witch! For reelz. She's got some serious alchemical cred, and she's an artist I admire. We're planning on making come awesome creative magic together, and who knows what else?

So I'm following the path that is clearly beckoning, and embracing the wild adventure of it all! Delicious things are brewing.