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getting soul.FULL. with Kelly Barton

Kelly Barton is one of those spirits who embodys JOY in every way. The way she shares her colorful and creative light in the world has inspired me on my own path for many years. After many collaborations on workshops and other projects online, Kelly and I finally met face-to-face at Squam when I took her mixed-media class, and the light and LOVE that is Miss KellyB is truly magical! She lives her artful life with truth and flair.... what a lucky girl I am to call her a friend.... AND, I know there will be more gorgeous collaborations between the two of us wild souls in the future, as she is always cookin' up good things. 

For her latest adventure, Kelly has just launched her first online ecourse (woot!) which looks divinely delicious, called soul.full.  It's a one-week guided field trip that explores how to bring in creativity everyday and new habits that will give you an artist’s nudge, all while putting a smile on your face

I know it's going to be a whole lotta juicy creative FUN, and I am excited to dig into all of the projects she's got planned... they look chalk full of soulful wisdom and groovy color! Of course. That's Kelly!

Take a peek and sign up to play along with us -----> here

I know you will be so glad you did.


  1. oh mindy,
    you are such a gift. thank you so much for your kind words.
    BIGlove, chickadee.


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