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in the wild integration of creativity, sexuality and inner alchemy, I have found my heroes journey

In some ways I can hardly believe I'm here. In other ways, I know it was always meant to be... and so I honor all the small steps and huge leaps it took to get me to this place. This place of utter knowing and wild opening, and divine faith in the process.

It all came down to holding steady on my course, no matter what.

even when I wasn't certain if the community would need this kind of magic.

even when I was afraid to really be seen.

even when I felt alone.

even when the truth was unconventional and complicated.

even when others told me that exploring bare sexuality might not be good for business.

even though it took years for others to start feeling safe to join in on the conversation.

even through having to risk it all.

It was only ever about my Truth.

And now it is all happening... integrating... expanding... and being revealed in ways I never would have imagined - in my relationships, in my storytelling, in the healing work that I seem to be called to do by so many women who are stepping in to be seen in utterly vulnerable ways. Soul-projects that were scribbled in my notebook months, even years ago, are finally taking shape with such clarity and velocity are seaming together beautifully with what has already been evolving and manifesting.

There's been so much universal validation and deep deep ---> LOVE <--- and encouragement to continue on this path, and the road ahead looks incredibly rich and powerful and rewarding! So I am fiercely committed to the fullest expression of this core sacral work that I now know for certain is what I am meant to delve into and share with the world.

I have emerged from the tentative and tender first step, the years of plunging forward and holding faith over fear, in my own wild becoming.

I am here.

Undeniably, in the heart and soul of my heroes journey.


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    1. thank you for the soul-cheering! so happy to have you in my world, Carla! xo


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