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The theme of safety and daring has been coming up a lot for me, and I realize it is core aspect of my life and work.

In so many ways, trust is everything. It is the point where all things hinge from, where safety can then lead to daring. It's how I navigate my deepest vulnerabilities which is also the place of my best and greatest work. It is true of my creative dreams. It is fundamental in my sexual exploration. It is essential in my friendships as well.

I think that even if you don't know me well, one thing is perfectly clear - I operate from a place of complete transparency. My truth is out there, and I've come to a place in my life where I am completely at peace with owning the discomfort of that. In fact, it is through that discomfort that my life thrives. When I feel safe enough to get really naked and vulnerable, it is always where the wildcrazymagic happens.

Some of this safety come from trust in others which is crucial in knowing who to let in. But I am finding more and more that at the core of it all, feeling safe comes from learning to truly trust in my sense of self. Because there will always be misunderstandings, disappointments, miscommunications, human fallibility... but finding deep security in the way I am able to navigate the world and the things that might threaten my sense of personal safety is what allows me to open up more and more. I think the things that could hurt me the most are rooted in my own self doubt. 

This kind of self confidence is hard won through a lifetime of messy lessons, so then to trust is also a choice.

Because in choosing trust, you also choose vulnerability.

And in it's most beautiful and basic form, vulnerability is intimacy.

So the story goes.

Intimacy is the foundation I've chosen to build my life on. The kind of intimacy that speaks to a certain awareness that is both achingly honest and not always pretty, though wildly trusting in the only thing that I know for sure: myself. It's what allows me to unravel again and again, to truly see and be seen in the light, and to me there is nothing more profound or rewarding.


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