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the duality of all things: honoring the shadow and the light

As above and so below.

It is a belief in the duality of all things. And so is my life filled with this duality... beauty and ugliness, light and dark, extraordinary and mundane, pleasure and pain, joy and despair. One is simply a part of the other.

As a creative person moving through the world with high ideals of inspiring others and being true to one's self and sharing so much brightness with the world, the shadow side is always a challenge for me to navigate. It exists in my world alongside everything else... the messiness of motherhood, the challenges and pragmatics of daily living, the difficulty of staying present to my own needs, and the perils of offering so much of my self in so many ways. There isn't always harmony. And that's ok.

So, on the heels of a very hard week in my personal realm and in the marrow of my own life, I feel the necessity of honoring the edges, the darkness that can sometimes overwhelm me and call into question all that I am and all that I strive to be, and recognize the triggers that trick me into feeling like a fraud in my own life. Which I know is completely untrue. Because the truth is in the duality. 

I can't be all light.

I can't be all light.

I can't be all light.

No matter how much I want to be.

Having darkness doesn't make me a bad person or a failure in my work. It makes me human. 

And so it is. And so it shall always be. 


  1. I am wearing a shirt today that had been buried under winter clothes...boxed away. My sister gave it to me years ago. It has a yin yang symbol in the shape of a heart on it. I have been drawing this symbol in my journal for weeks now and excavated the shirt just a few days ago. I realized recently I must honor the darkness too because it will always be present and really it is part of what makes me whole. The essence of all I want to be; whole and authentic!
    XO, Melba

    1. melba! how amazing that you drew that shirt right into your hands. of course you did. whole and authentic, YES!!! you are. xoxo


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