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Brunch magic*

The magic of Brunch is that the right kind of magic shows up every single time. There are no formal invitations sent. There is no big planning or need for PR. This is just an open call and holding space for those who need some creative time wrapped in sacred togetherness.

There is never the same group around my kitchen table. Ever. And people who are familiar and who are meeting for the very first time come to the Island for a bit of sanctuary, and leave filled with kindness and kinship. The kind that only wild heart-space can create with busy hands, gorgeous food, and real conversation.

And magic moments like these seem to always happen too. The tiny instances where the wholeness of my life and what love it creates when passions are shared, stories are told, "me too's" are felt, and people get to really be seen and heard. Moments I cherish and cling to.

The beauty that happens is always a bit of a sweet surprise. It happens with ease and such deep contentment that sometimes I don't even realize what's becoming until I pause for a moment and take it all in.... the happy faces... the deep sighs.... the gazing at the ocean... the necessary nurturing. And I am abundantly grateful each and every time, to bear witness and to be able to offer what feels like such simple but profound grace.

And when my family comes home to the leftovers, roasted potatoes and homemade pumpkin bread, paint and glitter and bits of creativity gone wild, it nurtures us all over again. The fullness and blessings of our life.


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