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disco alchemy

My world is jam packed these days with so much newness and learning. I mean I am always learning, but these days it is rooted more in actual research and fact finding and digging for information I need: Platonic solids, sacred geometry, ancient alchemy, herbology and so much more... I seemed to have opened the door to a portal of inspiration where one thing leads me to another, illuminating where I seem to be naturally going with my work and art. It's been like being on the best sort of treasure hunt, and what I am discovering is simply what speaks to my heart.

What this actually looks like in my physical world, is an organic and gradual shift in all my surroundings and offerings. I've been making room, clearing space, and letting the last iterations of Wishstudio fall away to make room for this next phase of work. Stacks of books about gemstones, herbs, and intuitive modalities are being added to the creativity and business books. Shelves and jars and bottles filled with all kinds of earthly treasures are beginning take up space next to the paints and paintbrushes. Stacks of Alchemy Cards and kits are front and center. Doodles of stellated and asymmetrical dodecahedrons are on my laptop and in my notebook.

There is an integration and transformation that is slowly happening that feels deliciously ripe and juicy.  I am beginning to makes sense of all the pieces and parts, watching them fit together as a wild and fascinating whole, a body of work that is deeply calling to me, and that is nothing short of thrilling!

It's my own sort of disco alchemy.