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part fire and part dream

My life is a sacred container for manifesting goodness. Despite the insanity that sometimes descends (last week's chain of unrelenting events served as a reminder that things will get messy from time to time), there is still an abundance overflowing love and badass positive mojo.

It comes in the form of amazing friends who bring you tools for more wishmaking and a healthy and much needed dose of real talk. It's in the wild elixirs of my heart that I've been brewing up and gifting to friends, now in the shop so I can share more of that intentional witchy love. It is deep in the truth of my sexy explorations, learning and leaning into new experiences that feel like the bravest forays into my sexiest most confident self (I'll have more to share in this week's Love Letter).

It is rooted in alchemical connections and wonders that I don't always understand, the wild sacral work that somehow aligns and holds it all for me.

Yes... part fire and part dream. It's what I am becoming.