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create a new dream

Elizabeth sort of summed it all up during our pre-launch pow-wowed last night, on the eve of the 2015 Squam release… there's just more and more light, so as long as you're doing the work, a spot on revelation and exactly how it feels to me too. Ever expansive, wildly wonder-full, with new dreams becoming one after another.

It's official! (dramatic drumroll, please) In 2015, I will be working for Squam Art Workshops <----- hello, dream come true! And not only will I be by the lake for two whole weeks helping to bring to life Elizabeth's vision and the magic that is Squam, I'll be doing it with one of my most favorite co-inspirers, Nina Gilbert.

The most magical manifestations are a wild combination of "OMG! I must totally be dreaming!" and "Of course. This was meant to be."

This collaboration is right, smack, in the sweet spot.

As dreams come true go, it's taken years of evolution to arrive at this destination. So many conversations and small steps along the way have built the bridges of trust and connection in order to take this leap, and yet there was no big plan. It all happened slowly, organically. The best way, it seems, for things to grow.

To be asked to hold space for someone else's vision and baby is no small thing, and to say that I am honored and over the moon is an understatement. It's off the charts, thrilling! AND wishes are coming true all the way around.

Head over to the SAW portal where all the gorgeous details for 2015 have just been announced. So much new goodness in store, and just watching the video makes me want to do the happy dance in my chair. ALSO see what magic Elizabeth, herself, will be teaching! An exciting first for our beloved Lady of the Lake.

New dreams created - yes, that is what Squam is all about. See you in June and September!!!


  1. Wahoo!!! Congratulations to you and Nina. So much goodness.

    1. thank you for happy dancing with me, Jennifer!!! xo


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