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december wildings

making :: Hanukkah advent for the kids filled with homemade coupons and secret messages, snail mail post cards for Jennifer's Love Notes, mixed media collaging "New Landscapes" with my partner Amy Barstow for the Collage Scrap Exchange, homemade goodies for holiday gifts like personalized ceramic star ornaments and little love quilts, connections all over the globe for Air Coven - kindreds in Brazil and South Africa just joined!

reading :: the new issue of Bohemian Collective that just arrive in my mailbox, the yummy Tranquility du Jour Anthology by Kimberly Wilson, just started The Paper Magician, and savoring Sexy Witch yummy morsel by yummy morsel.

listening :: totally addicted to Serial the podcast, Charlie Brown Christmas music on repeat and holiday music in the car featuring the kids singing Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer. What can I say? It makes them happy.

writing :: my class for 21 Secrets that is all about Inner Alchemy art journaling (woot!), new edgier stories for my Love Letters coming in the next year, delicious content for my Alchemy Card Workbook, holiday postcards to family and friends, lists of words in search of my word of the year (which originated here, I think!). 

planning :: Word of the Year Alchemy Kits for YOU - coming to the shop this week, yummy matte biz postcards just designed, packages and envelopes stuffed with love, gemstones and infusions for my new moon bowl on the 21st which also happens to be Solstice, Alchemy Lab sessions for the new year, and a couple juicy collaborations I'm over the moon about tba soon (!), the yearly gingerbread house that is now a family tradition.

loving :: Trader Joes white pomegranate tea, homemade cinnamon toast like my mom used to make, metallic paint topped with glitter because you can't have too much sparkle, Umber Dove Studios who I found by way of the lovely Liz Lamoreux, iced lemon cake cookies, Mexican hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dollop of Fluff made by Alex, my Gleena *fire* mug custom made and gifted to me.


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