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january crush list

I'm bringing back a practice that I enjoyed sharing in 2013, a monthly list of juicy things that I've come across in my world, and adore! These are gems I am totally digging - things I've actually used, interacted with, or are on my Wish List. Feux Fur Husband ::  You know, it's always good to have an extra ;) All kidding aside, this super cozy and inexpensive feux furry pillow rest is one of the best little treats I gifted to myself over the holidays. I love the wildish vibe it brings to my snuggly couch surfing, and both of my kids adore it too. Umberdove :: By way of the lovely Liz Lamoreux , I found Kelly's wearables and immediately fell in love. Beautiful quality. Great fit. Whimsical art. One of my new favorite T's for sure. Tokyo Milk :: Not only do I love the branding of this line , but the names and scents are just so irresistible and fun! I came upon Gin & Rosewater in a local shop and it totally had me swooning. And I am not at all a

growth in the liminal spaces

For the most part right now, the energy is very inward. Mercury retrograde. Winter hibernation. The fallow season of in-between. I'm learning to embrace this kind of slower, more contemplative energy. It doesn't mean that things aren't happening, because the truth is there are always things incubating and becoming in the corners of my busy brain, but it feels like a more tender space where tiny new growth is unfurling. There's a certain amount of necessary tending that requires extra sleep, wide swaths of white space, and nurturing practices that support simplicity and only what is most essential.  It's a time of stoking the flames of wild internal combustion... transformation on a cellular level.  I've become really aware that it's in this, the marrow of my life beneath the busy go-time and periods of productivity, I am in the greatest stretches of growth. It's the shoring up that needs to happen long before the time comes to see if w

holy shit, how did that happen?

I was driving in my car the other day when it suddenly really hit me… I am totally living the sort life I'd always wanted, when I sent my very first blog post out to the ether in 2004. I've come so far. In the beginning, I didn't really know what I was searching for. It was more about searching for connection, connection to others with creative longings similar my own and what I'd soon discover, a re-connection to my own inner self. Over the years the yearnings became clearer -  I dreamed of an artfully rich, deeply connective, prosperous and abundant, indie creative life as an artist, story teller and inspirer. So, as I was driving along the Plum Island Turnpike after just getting the news that the website which hosts my Inner Alchemy Circle online workshop, was full - a cap that I honestly didn't even know about, it sort of hit me all at once. I am here. And I felt this giddy lightness and wild grin spread throughout my whole being. Holy shit. How did

Embody <---- my word of 2015

I'm not going to lie. This word that I chose feels like a huge challenge. It's not that I don't think I walk the walk with the work I do and the things I share. But the honest truth is that I've been really disconnected with my physical body for a long time. I've fallen into this pattern of sort of doing the bare minimum to keep this vessel moving and grooving, which feels so out of alignment with all the progress I have made in my spiritual and emotional growth. It feels like I am all heart, head and sacral energy. Disembodied. Floating. It's the basic things, like I need to goto the dentist, and my eyes have changed with age and it's time for new glasses. It is also the more overarching abstractions, the energetic code I can't quite seem to crack with how I have been choosing to take care of myself and how these things always somehow fall to the bottom of my list. It is the lesson that comes up for me over and over. Being really present in

where it's getting really real

Even in the initial round of introductions, it is hard to put words around the profound sharing and wild evolution that is already happening in this new, burgeoning space, a sacred container for conversations I have been longing have with other women - the one's in my kindred circles, and not just my sex positive friends - forever. That time is here. In the confines of a safe and brave communal haven, Real Sex, a free online space co-hosted by the luminous  Isabel Faith Abbott  and I, women are coming together in support and kindness,  pouring forth  their stories. The flood gates have opened. Raw. Gritty. Real. Disinhibited. Incredibly touching and affirming. Since opening up about my non-monogamous marriage and writing stories about explorations of modern relationship dynamics, I've received a steady stream of emails from women wanting to better understand their own sexual feelings and experiences. They have been hungry to be heard and seen in their real sexuality…

planner ritual and capturing magic

my planners for the past 5 years This girl loves a good planner. I am always on the hunt for the perfect one and have tried many different iterations. I love having a hands-on book for scribbling and dreaming, need it really, as I could never be one to have a completely online organizer.  I have also found over the years my planning is not very linear. It's sort of a mish mosh and jumbles of thought threads. While I adored the creative and well organized pages of Planner Pad (awesome tool for those who like a structure and well designed outline), I found it was too restrictive for me. So a few years ago I switched to a weekly Moleskine , which I love. The size is perfect and it holds just what I need. In the weekly calendar section, I don't actually write my appointments and schedule. I use the daily spaces for my gratitude practice and log in big and small things that bless my life. I've done this for so long that I now seamlessly live this gratitude whether

in the cards for 2015

It is time for new energy, new work, new goals. A fresh new year is here. While I have some idea of what I hope this year might have in store, there is still plenty of spaciousness for unexpected evolution and big changes that are still becoming, which today's pull seems to beautifully reflect. I'm currently shifting out of a small fallow period, after much hard work and the big push of making and doing that was the majority of this past year - hello, Son of Swords. It's been an epic journey in my professional growth this past year, from beginning as a fledgling in my solo creative work to moving into wildly meaningful pursuits in every  direction, forging new paths and connections and building foundation and momentum for what's to come. Last year my word was Sanctuary , and much was brought to bear in both the physical aspects of this word as well as the more internal and meta. It was largely about shoring up and making safe spaces for my life to root and th