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january crush list

I'm bringing back a practice that I enjoyed sharing in 2013, a monthly list of juicy things that I've come across in my world, and adore! These are gems I am totally digging - things I've actually used, interacted with, or are on my Wish List.

Feux Fur Husband :: You know, it's always good to have an extra ;) All kidding aside, this super cozy and inexpensive feux furry pillow rest is one of the best little treats I gifted to myself over the holidays. I love the wildish vibe it brings to my snuggly couch surfing, and both of my kids adore it too.

Umberdove :: By way of the lovely Liz Lamoreux, I found Kelly's wearables and immediately fell in love. Beautiful quality. Great fit. Whimsical art. One of my new favorite T's for sure.

Tokyo Milk :: Not only do I love the branding of this line, but the names and scents are just so irresistible and fun! I came upon Gin & Rosewater in a local shop and it totally had me swooning. And I am not at all a perfume girl, but I found myself sniffing down the row and completely falling in love with so many of them. These would make an awesome Valentine treat to yourself!

Prayer Candles turned Alchemy Candles :: We had so much fun decorating these at my last Creative Brunch, after seeing the inspiration in Isabell's feed of intention filled, brightly burning, heart felt messages sent to the universe. People have been asking me where I got them - Dollar Store, people!  Go!

Legwarmers :: We have been living in layers around here in all the cold and snow, so I've been embracing my 80's with a new spin and have been pulling on long leg warmers. The longer the better. Over the heel, over the knee, and up over the thigh. Extra warm and cozy without too much bulk.

Fetlife :: I've been off and on this site for a while, mostly for community connecting and finding classes and other sex-positive events. It's sort of the FB for alternative sexualities ---> (!) totally NSFW or for family time with the kids, but if you're feeling adventurous there is a lot to see and learn. There are also lot of really intelligent and interesting people and conversation threads, organized events, and resources amidst all the sexy talk.

Bone Folder :: I ordered this tool to use in the last round of my Alchemy Card class, and am so glad I did. This one is actual cow bone, used most often for book making or any other work you might need to crease pages for. It's sturdy and has a great feel. Something about it's organic energy makes it yummy in the hand.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp :: This was another last minute holiday gift I got for the family. I found  mine at TJ Maxx for $9.99 (woot!), but you can get them on Amazon or at crystal shops. It throws the perfect amount of light that is also really soothing and soft. We keep it on all day, as it has such a great, warm energy. And yes, it actually is and tastes like salt! People in this house had to lick it and try, of course.