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where it's getting really real

Even in the initial round of introductions, it is hard to put words around the profound sharing and wild evolution that is already happening in this new, burgeoning space, a sacred container for conversations I have been longing have with other women - the one's in my kindred circles, and not just my sex positive friends - forever.

That time is here.

In the confines of a safe and brave communal haven, Real Sex, a free online space co-hosted by the luminous Isabel Faith Abbott and I, women are coming together in support and kindness, pouring forth their stories. The flood gates have opened.

Raw. Gritty. Real. Disinhibited. Incredibly touching and affirming.

Since opening up about my non-monogamous marriage and writing stories about explorations of modern relationship dynamics, I've received a steady stream of emails from women wanting to better understand their own sexual feelings and experiences. They have been hungry to be heard and seen in their real sexuality… and so I often dreamed of a space where we all might gather and get really real, together. 

The conversations are happening.

To say I am overwhelmed and in awe of the generosity of sharing in this group, would be a huge understatement. This has manifested in a way I hadn't really expected, with a velocity and tenderness that speaks to deep truth aching to be spoken and heard. In essence, there is a real sense of coming out in our own sexual truths, whatever they look like. Everyone's is wildly different, yet there are universal threads - we are complex sexual creatures! 

We are claiming something here, beginning something, excavating... and finally bridging the gap between sensual euphemisms and "good girl" talk.

Within these stories I can finally see my own more clearly, and that perhaps is what is the most profound about delving into narratives as a community. Community gives us context which is so important in not feeling alone, uncertain, and consumed by unnecessary shame.


Yes. It feels like another level of freedom.

It is yours to share and claim.

* If you'd like to join Real Sex, please get in touch with Isabel or myself and we will send you more in-depth information about the private group.