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generating heat

Somewhere between wild winter blizzards and a flurry of Valentines, I turned 43. It's February vacation and we are all home, somewhat snowed in, and I find my soul aching for more light. My head feels dreamy and untethered. There is lots to do, but the flow of inspiration seems to be frozen like all the giant icicles around here, suspended in the sunlight. Morning pages, a new practice I began this year, seem to be necessary sustenance for now and I am really enjoying having the time and space to simply write for myself. No audience. No editing. Just the raw.  That is where I am. My plate and life has been full of delicious things. Thoughtful birthday goodies, a trip to the FFF to take two really great classes on sexuality, one in the spiritual realm and the other on rad body love (so so good!), and lot's of fun dates with my husband and kids. I'm loving the 50 Shades soundtrack after braving the snow to see the premier with a friend - which ultimat

the story of Red

I joined the Papirmass Collage Scrap Exchange last fall, because it sounded like a fun way to de-stash and to connect with another fellow creative. Almost a thousand people signed up for the swap, and lo and behold, I got paired with a someone who I actually know and am inspired by in many ways. How fun, and what an absolute gorgeous box of papers and ephemera she sent to me! Like serious goodness. The theme for the exchange is "Landscapes" and I had no idea what I was going to make. The challenge was that you had to create a mixed media piece using only the supplies that your Scrap partner sent to you. So I just started painting. It's been almost a year since I've made an actual painting. I've art journaled and collaged and made loads of other things, though lately I was feeling a strong urge to just move paint around on canvas. I started with where I am… shades of gray and scraps from the box. I love the first layers when they

making LOVE

I like to think of this as my life's work… making love . Creating beautiful and memorable experiences, objects de art, connections and relationships. To me, it's all founded in LOVE and a certain lust for all this life has to offer. February is my month. It's the time when things get covered in pink and red and hearts and love. Commercial or not, I get giddy over all the festive adoration. Conversation hearts, valentines, sexy talk about pleasure and desire. It's all good, even if your love is a more inward focused. Who doesn't need a badass dose of Self Love? In honor of my birthday month and the season of love (cue inspirational RENT song, here !), I am dedicating this month to living and loving even more.  Within these next 28 days I want to challenge myself to go that extra step - be braver and bolder. You can join me! Where I once would have hesitated, thought 'what if?' , I am going to say a daring YES! and then do what it takes to g