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generating heat

Somewhere between wild winter blizzards and a flurry of Valentines, I turned 43. It's February vacation and we are all home, somewhat snowed in, and I find my soul aching for more light. My head feels dreamy and untethered. There is lots to do, but the flow of inspiration seems to be frozen like all the giant icicles around here, suspended in the sunlight. Morning pages, a new practice I began this year, seem to be necessary sustenance for now and I am really enjoying having the time and space to simply write for myself. No audience. No editing. Just the raw. 

That is where I am.

My plate and life has been full of delicious things. Thoughtful birthday goodies, a trip to the FFF to take two really great classes on sexuality, one in the spiritual realm and the other on rad body love (so so good!), and lot's of fun dates with my husband and kids. I'm loving the 50 Shades soundtrack after braving the snow to see the premier with a friend - which ultimately I have really mixed feelings about, both good and bad, but I'm not going to add to the chatter here as it all seems to be out there.

There really is nothing lacking, only a sense of momentum maybe… to be on the other side of this snowy fallow season. It has been really beautiful though. Crazy, record-breaking amounts of snow. But I'm ready for springtime, both the actual and the more figurative. I am waiting for the thaw.

Things in general have been pretty juicy around here. On Valentine's Day, girl crush photog Susan Tuttle featured an interview with yours truly on her blog. It was fun to push the envelope a bit and share a sexy story. I love that she asked. I have magazine articles due and interviews to give and Alchemy Cards to make and a couple of family adventures still to enjoy before this week is over. 

I am a very lucky girl. Plenty of fuel to add to the fire.

So, I'll just keep trying to generate my own damn heat until spring is ready to arrive.   


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