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making LOVE

I like to think of this as my life's work… making love. Creating beautiful and memorable experiences, objects de art, connections and relationships. To me, it's all founded in LOVE and a certain lust for all this life has to offer.

February is my month. It's the time when things get covered in pink and red and hearts and love. Commercial or not, I get giddy over all the festive adoration. Conversation hearts, valentines, sexy talk about pleasure and desire. It's all good, even if your love is a more inward focused. Who doesn't need a badass dose of Self Love?

In honor of my birthday month and the season of love (cue inspirational RENT song, here!), I am dedicating this month to living and loving even more. Within these next 28 days I want to challenge myself to go that extra step - be braver and bolder. You can join me! Where I once would have hesitated, thought 'what if?', I am going to say a daring YES! and then do what it takes to get closer to my desires. At the end of the month I will round them up for you and share them here. Let me know if you want to play along!

Some of what I am musing on are big creative projects, a huge piece of dream writing, a retreat that has been simmering for years, new work in the sex positive community... and some of what I want is more relationship based, new adventures with Alex, a bit of adventure without Alex, and some sacred yummy time with dear friends. I'm carving out space for it all and planning ways to make it happen, if not this month, at least setting things in motion. 

Everyday, all month long. 

Make LOVE, baby!


  1. I'm totally in! Would love to be able to go that extra step and be bolder in all things heart.

    1. I can wait to hear about your brave steps! xo


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