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march crush list

As it happens, today is Global Sisterhood Day in addition to the first full day of Spring, and although I am fighting a nasty flu-ish cold type thing, I am decidedly focused on the happy forward momentum into this brand new season! So as snow continues to fall, I'm blogging from bed with a stack of books and magazines beside me, and tea and toast with orange marmalade... even that word marmalade  makes everything seem sweeter and more fun, doesn't it? Here's my March list of inspired things: ----> I came across these gorgeous winged wraps in my Insta feed, and nearly gasped. I'm sure you'll agree that this would be the perfect thing for warding off a spring chill. This is the one I'm coveting ! ----> Who doesn't need a bit of sweet smelling moisturizer as well as some good karma? Their natural Karma hand lotion  will do the trick. ----> Just my kind of juicy reading adventure, this book , a passionate sort of memoir is on my li

the shadow side

Well, that was an unexpectedly treacherous month. Even best laid plans can go awry, and February was one of those months that was a huge challenge in every way. Relationship hurdles, hard parenting situations, and an emotional and physical roller coaster that took me through two pregnancy tests and the dregs of my psyche. Pile twenty feet of snow on top of that, and you could say the gremlins had a free for all. It started off with loads of potential, wild love even, but as these times go control began to slip away. Maybe that's the crux of the problem. Trying to control things I ultimately could not, or at the very least, felt powerless against. Nothing saps my energy more. And so the shadow side has room to run rampant. For me, the shadow side of true living is that in those vulnerable moments when I'm just not able to show up in the way I want to, the narrative can shift to tell me that my life is a fraud. That I can't really walk the walk. That I have no right t