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march crush list

As it happens, today is Global Sisterhood Day in addition to the first full day of Spring, and although I am fighting a nasty flu-ish cold type thing, I am decidedly focused on the happy forward momentum into this brand new season! So as snow continues to fall, I'm blogging from bed with a stack of books and magazines beside me, and tea and toast with orange marmalade... even that word marmalade makes everything seem sweeter and more fun, doesn't it?

Here's my March list of inspired things:

----> I came across these gorgeous winged wraps in my Insta feed, and nearly gasped. I'm sure you'll agree that this would be the perfect thing for warding off a spring chill. This is the one I'm coveting!

----> Who doesn't need a bit of sweet smelling moisturizer as well as some good karma? Their natural Karma hand lotion will do the trick.

----> Just my kind of juicy reading adventure, this book, a passionate sort of memoir is on my list. 

----> I found these on clearance in a little boutique near me, and was able to get them at a steal. How could I resist? They are super soft and really sturdy and comfy, and just plain fun to wear. 

----> Drink your flowers! My two favorite kombucha flavors happen to be of floral essence. Try the Lavender and the Hibiscus for a bit of delicious Spring in your tummy.

----> Yay for visionary friends who create awesome opportunities for sexy learning via inspiring leaders in the community, including this guy (click warning, NSFW)! It's a sold out event with over 400 people attending, but I did get my ticket in time. See you in class!

----> If you know me well, you know I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes. My closet is a very modest collection of nice things I wear often, and my shopping is mostly done at sales or in consignment shops. But every once an a while I will splurge on something I really want, a versatile piece that feels insanely yummy to wear. In this case, a gorgeous bag. The piece de resistance... my spring splurge, which I found pre-loved and at a lot lower than retail. I also watched a lot of video reviews before purchasing, that had my family looking at me like I had ten heads. Who knew purse porn was a thing?

----> This newish blog speaks perfectly to an urban boho vibe and esthetic that I love, and I found it via googling the item above. So glad I did! A little hippie, a little artsy, and a little edgy take on fashion. Loving their vibrant Look Books and their fun Manifesto.

----> Spreading LOVE is sort of my thing, so when I came upon the world's biggest collection of love letters in the making, I was immediately intrigued. What a gorgeous way to create connection and more moments of love.

----> And speaking of spreading LOVE, I am over the moon excited to be contributing to this heart centered project in April! It's going to be so so good.