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now that i'm sort of all the way out

(For spring Inner Alchemists... only a few of these Water Alchemy Kits left!)

Every time I cross another threshold of openness, it sort of takes me by surprise. I've said many times that my life feels like a journey of inches, little earthquakes, and it's always humbling to witness my own narrative move forward in this way.

I have been doing a lot of writing about sex and kink, lately. And the best thing about this is being asked to write about sex and kink in a world where, unless you are billed as a "sex educator" and that is your schtick, we don't often talk about such things.

But I work hard to not corner myself onto one sort of thing or another such as a mommy blogger, creative blogger, sex blogger, etc. because I feel it is so important to be seen as a complete human being. It is how I live my life. I don't know how to be just one thing. I'm more than two boys' mom, or a wife, or an artist, or an advocate for sexy truths. I am all those things and more.

To have the opportunity to share my work on such a broad spectrum, is a gift. To have people wanting to hear what I have to say and accepting me for who I am, whole and complete, is a blessing. So, here are a few cool places where you can catch up with me this month. A little something for everyone I think.

* First and foremost, Inner Alchemy Circle Water Coven is sold out, and begins on Saturday! So thrilled to get to make magic and cards again with another gorgeous group of creative and juicy souls.

* For Susannah Conway's April Love, I will be sharing a bit about sex as an act of self care, and be helping you to dig into your sexual truth and discover more about your own values and desires. Yum.

* It's getting really real. My Life, Unabashed stories have been evolving and growing and I feel less and less afraid in sharing the nitty gritty. It's a good time to jump in, and you can also read the archives.

* Keep an eye out for the spring issue of Bohemian Collective Magazine! It should be out any day, and if it's as gorgeous as the first (which I am sure it will be), you will be in for real a treat. I might have a little piece in there ;)

Andrea Scher and I had a juicy conversation about the intersection of creativity and sexuality, and how sexual exploration is another lens through which to view your life. It's a place we are both discovering a lot of ourselves lately. So if you're signed up for Superhero School, you will get to listen in!

* Building a bit more on my Inner Alchemy work, I am teaching an art journaling class for Connie Solera's 21 Secrets, all about making yummy Paint Elixirs and creating magical art spreads for intuitive divination. Class just opened today!

THANK YOU so much for supporting me and loving on me and my work the way you have! I am so grateful to all of you who are on this crazy journey with me. I seriously appreciate all of your wild open heartedness <3